Friday, 17 January 2014

^V^ Favorites ^V^

The best thing that came out of the 60's is my very favorite The Munsters! I remember being a kid rushing home from school to watch this tv series, I was totally obsessed and wanted to be Lily Munster, still do :) she is most amazing and very lavish in her style ^V^ I actually had a white streak in my fringe (bangs) for more than 15 years, later growing the fringe out but to still have the streak! I had changed my hair in between but always went back to my Lily streak. These days my hair is all black BUT one day that streak will appear again, hopefully naturally as I get older ;) For those who know me well, know how much she means to me! This lady is tattooed to my hand and Munsters across my knuckles. So tonight in this crazy heat wave we stayed in to watch The Munsters...

My Lily Munster tattoo on my hand and Munsters across my knuckles :)

The white streak I had 

Best tv show to ever exist!