Friday, 7 February 2014

A Friday off!

I finally got a Friday off to myself :) I decided to go into the city and visit The Haunted bookshop! 
Today's outfit was a cute thrift find an awesome lady gave to me :)

Wore it with my Bat brooch and skull necklace, the black looked great against the dress.

Waiting for the tram. 

And here I am, I finally arrive at the most magical place! I've always loved visiting Drew for a good chat at The Haunted Bookshop. The books are amazing and I don't stop at one! :) 

If you look closely on the top of the bookshelf to the right hand side there's a copy of the magazine that Drew and I featured in, along with few others. It was a feature spread on Vampires V--V

I could spend hours here :) thanx Drew for having such an amazing shop in Melbourne :) 

Later I meet my hubby after he finished work and we went to the pancake Parlour. 

I'm the healthy one with a salad haha :) 

And of course I spotted Mushrooms!! 


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