Sunday, 25 May 2014

60s Green!

Today's outfit is going to become one of my favorites I think!

Teamed it up with a bat and twin peaks fire walk with me necklace! 

This gorgeous 60s green dress was a $10 thrift find! :D 

I had to alter it to fit me as it was a bit too big! Fits perfectly now! 

Goth boots ^V^ 

We found ourselves at spotlight today again haha! 


Cute Peter Rabbit fabric. I was actually looking for mushroom fabric so I could make my self a dress but had no luck finding what I was looking for. No one had mushrooms! :( 

Then a quick thrift store stop ;) of course! 

After running around most of the day we got pretty hungry and decided to go to Meatballs! 

Fantastic food! Hope everyone had a great Sunday :)