Sunday, 4 May 2014

Granny chic

What is it you ask? If you enjoy sipping tea in your lounge with a Nanna blanket, crocheting, crafting or knitting wearing your granny cardigan and a cute little brooch then this is you! Being a goth I like to put my own spin on things, so I'm taking Granny chic goth by storm! 

I've been looking for the perfect navy granny cardigan for quite some time and I finally found one! I think it's going to be by far my favorite! Teamed it up with a mushroom brooch.

This gorgeous little strawberry dress was also a thrift find. 

I enjoyed today's outfit! 

Here I am taking a selfie before our amazing dinner tonight! 

We went to the Clifton Hill brewpub. 

They serve amazing food and we enjoy dining here. 

Now what else would my husband and I do on a freezing autumn night? Have ice cream! 

The first time I tried Messina ice cream on smith st fitzroy I fell in love! There's nothing like it!