Monday, 12 May 2014

Mondays off!

Ready to go and off to the city to get my deluxe manicure, as a hairdresser my hands get so dry and rough due to all the chemicals/products etc, I deal with on a daily basis!

What I wore~ •Bettle brooch •Black cardigan bought brand new •Plaid skirt thrifted •Demonia Goth boots

Here I am at French Pink, my regular nail people, the best in town! I went for a real dark forest green today to match my plaid skirt and brooch. 

While waiting for the nails to dry I popped into a book shop of course! Looked at a few crochet and knitting books. 


Pine cones! 

Next, I dropped into a piercing studio as I wanted to change my septum jewelry to more of a fancy piece rather than just a plain ring. The other night my lip ring fell out in my sleep, I've had it in for more than 7 years and it's gone now and I'm quite happy about it actually! When I looked at my lips without it I thought wow that looks better! So now we'll just stick to a glitzy septum :) love it! Very happy! 

Couldn't get a good pic of it in my nose but the ruby stones are gorgeous and they sparkle in the light :) 


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