Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blythe Fest!

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Sydney for the Blythe Doll fest!

A very early start for us with not much sleep the night before, but I managed to put myself together quite well considering the time frame I had to get ready! 

Here we are at the airport waiting for our friend AniO to join us. 

We arrive in Sydney! 

Blythe fest time! We all received a cute little show bag upon entry. 

Here's my gorgeous Poppy! Thanks to AniO for this custom creation, she's a mini me :) 

AniO is a doll artist and a fabulous one at that! These are some of her other creations including Poppy! 

I bought Poppy some cute clothes. 

The amazing candy bar! 

Giveaways and competitions.

Look at all these magnificent dolls! People put in so much effort, it's amazing! 

Thought this one was gorgeous! 

This was my first time attending the Blythe fest in Sydney, I saw some pretty amazing stuff! Very inspired to add more Blythe dolls into my life :) 

Spotted a Wednesday Blythe :) so awesome! 

A quick bathroom selfie! Didn't get the chance to take any outfit shots but I went for pastels and wore my beautiful lavender 70's dress, Unif Salem boots, matched my nails and wore my cute Kirbee Lawler brooch! 

After a long exciting day we are finally back home in Melbourne. It was a big day and I was totally exhausted by the end, ate way too much sugar and just needed to sleep! A big thanx to my good friend AniO for introducing me to Blythe dolls and for creating Poppy for me! You rock woman! Much love xoxox