Sunday, 7 September 2014

Busy Sunday!

Up and ready to start our busy sunday! Wearing my $3 thrift dress,

kmart V neck jumper, Bat and R.I.P brooch, deathrock torn stockings, navy eyeshadow and goth boots!


First stop, shoe change and runners on to do our every second Sunday meet up with our friend for a morning walk!

It was really warm surprisingly, too warm for my hubby and I,  we much prefer the colder weather and overcast days.

Next stop, hubby and I drove to St Kilda to go Vintage shopping at the Espy, Retro Star was having a sale there. WoW St Kilda was SO busy, there was a vintage car show going on and a sunday market happening, lots and lots of people. I was driving around in circles looking for a car park! Luckily we found one in the shade in the end.


Once our shopping was completed, it was time to go buy cake from Brunetti and some ingredients to cook Enchiladas and Nachos for my dad for Fathers Day! Off we go for a night with family great food and yummy cake!

What a day!


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