Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tokyo Japan!

Tokyo, Japan part 1!

Hello again everyone, we've been away on a holiday to Tokyo Japan! A well deserved break, and what a wonderful holiday it was. I will try and post as many pictures as I can within the next coming weeks :) 

Tokyo Disneyland was one of the highlights of our trip, it truly is the happiest place on earth haha! My very favourite part was the Haunted Mansion of course! If you're a Goth you'll appreciate this the most! Jack Skelligton had taken over so it was a Tim Burton wonderland.  ^V^ 

 It was just to die for, so well done, perfect!

We went through twice! First time we waited an hour an a half, never seen so many people in my life! It was so worth the wait.

This was taken at DisneySea, let me tell you it had some real quirk about it which was perfect for us, especially the themed food! 

 How awesome was this meal?!! Fish burger in a scalloped shaped bun.

and look at this Mickey Mouse train haha, brilliant!

Now the Cinderella castle came to life at night! It was totally amazing! Fireworks the whole lot, we were so amazed, couldn't believe our eyes.

The photo's don't do it justice, it was so bright and amazing!
I'll put up part 2 soon...