Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Vampire Cafe!

Tokyo, Japan part 2!

So my husband and I visited the Vampire Cafe! We have actually been wanting to go for years once we heard about it, and we finally did it :) 

 The aesthetic was amazing, beautiful crimson and velvet blood reds, as Vampires ourselves we adore these colours! 

 We even had our own booth, enclosed with red drapes, so dark and romantic! 

 The food was simple but lots of fun, mostly Halloween themed which fit us perfectly! 

The coffin was the masterpiece, the centre attraction which we were drawn to as we have one at home :) doesn't every vampire?! 

October was a great choice to travel to Japan as everything is Halloween themed, so we made the most of it as in Australia where we live, not a lot of people celebrate this time unless you are alternative. It's a shame really!

Here's my husband holding a Bat shaped watermelon with he's chop sticks. This particular picture reminded me a little of Twin Peaks ;)

 Who's that Vampire in the bathroom haha?! Blood splattered mirrors and all!

 Thanx again Vampire Cafe, we had a great time! Perfect setting for a Vampire married couple :)