Sunday, 11 January 2015

Vampire Outings!

On Saturday night I put on my best to go Goth clubbing! Haven't done that in a very long time, unfortunately the scene is slowly fading away and we were left with not many places to go to in the evenings. A new club/night has opened so there's still hope for us goths in Melbourne! Anyway back to what I wore, I call this outfit my Dark Shadows ensemble from the 60s of course! Those who know me well, know I love this TV series; actually my friends are probably sick of hearing about it haha! 


We got home in early hours of Sunday morning and as I said in my previous post above there's not much out there for goths in the way of goth nights etc any more, well not like the good old days. So coming home at this hour is uncommon for us these days. We were totally exhausted so hubby and I slept most of the day, had a good filling meal when we finally got up, then went off to the movies to watch Into the Woods!

Home now and time to relax! Had a great weekend :)