Thursday, 5 March 2015

Goths In Clogs!

My new Lotta from Stockholm clogs arrived this week! I was very excited to try these beauties on my feet after hearing so much about clogs and how comfortable they were, and noticing a massive trend with alternative girls wearing them. I of course had to put my own witchy goth spin on to them :) So here they are and I wore them all day in the salon and it's the truth!!! These are so comfortable and light, although they're loud on my floor boards but that didn't really bother me at all! I'm not even minding being that little bit shorter these days either! I've been wearing platform boots for probably 20 years and have probably gone through thousands of pairs, they just don't last unfortunately :( So I'm trying new things out like building up my mary jane shoe wardrobe, let's see how I go! Here's to making everything Goth hahaha ;) If you're interested these are Highwood Mary Jane black clogs by Lotta from Stockholm.