Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happy In Grey!

Today's outing, a relaxing Sunday after a long week in the salon!

Skirt~ New thrifted granny grey skirt
Boots~ Dr Martens 14 ups
Top~ Marduk t-shirt
Brooch~ Twin Peaks coffee by: Hungry Designs
Hair~ My favourite style, ponytail top knot. The best thing I ever did was go full black with my colour. No streaks no nothin' just black! (until the grey's come through ;) ) I'm growing out my shaved side at the moment, miss my bats though ^V^ 

Twin Peaks forever!

I adore this skirt and these boots! Definitely embracing being "little" 


Thrift store shopping!

Time for a chai latte, haven't had one in a while! Hope you all had a great weekend xx


  1. I think it is very powerful when women accept and honour every aspect of their coporeal, physical bodies! You strike me as being someone whose captivating beauty truely comes from within! Really enjoy your blog :)

    1. That's lovely, thank you so much! :)