Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happy In Grey!

Today's outing, a relaxing Sunday after a long week in the salon!

Skirt~ New thrifted granny grey skirt
Boots~ Dr Martens 14 ups
Top~ Marduk t-shirt
Brooch~ Twin Peaks coffee by: Hungry Designs
Hair~ My favourite style, ponytail top knot. The best thing I ever did was go full black with my colour. No streaks no nothin' just black! (until the grey's come through ;) ) I'm growing out my shaved side at the moment, miss my bats though ^V^ 

Twin Peaks forever!

I adore this skirt and these boots! Definitely embracing being "little" 


Thrift store shopping!

Time for a chai latte, haven't had one in a while! Hope you all had a great weekend xx