Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In Dreams!

Had such a lovely night out with my husband at In Dreams: David Lynch Revisited! A collection of songs featured in he's films, It was amazing!!! When I heard tunes from Twin Peaks my heart melted!

Shoes~ New Dr Martens 14 up boots
Skirt~ Thrifted
Granny cardigan~ Thrifted
Badge~ Local book shop
Tshirt~ Classic horror shirt

I've been Lynchified! 

Goodnight all, spooky dreams! 


  1. Kriss it's leash how you been love the pics think of you often good times! Fb message me or email flowersbyeliciajane@gmail.com catchup coffee long overdue.....

    1. Hi Leash! Have thought of you too. Hope all is well, yes long overdue for a catch up :)