Sunday, 28 June 2015

Craft Show!

Up and ready to drive to Bendigo with family to go to the Craft Alive show!

Shirt~ 60s shirt gifted to me by an amazing friend <3
Skirt~ K-mart
Braces~ been with me for ages
Bow~ made by me
Brooch~ Brain Puffs I got with a Monster High doll I turned into a brooch
Hair~ you'll notice a new streak, like a poisonous yellowish flower growing out of my head
Shoes~ GP boots

My gorgeous niece and I at Craft Alive

So this show was cool, lots of craft inspiration for a granny chic goth like me!

Had a wonderful day in Bendigo with family, lots of great laughs and fun times. I came home with these beauties :) Buttons, 2 brooches and a cross stitch bookmark which I look forward to making.