Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Magical Scents~House of Madame Josephine!

I was fortunate to receive a lovely package from perfumer and crafter Dana Dark of House of Madame Josephine. Now for all you fellow goddesses, witches, vampires, fairies and other FANGtastical creatures this ones for you...

I was super excited last week to open this box that awaited me, I could smell the dark hews of magical potions waiting to be living on my vampire skin...

So many gorgeous goodies, I didn't know where to begin, until I saw the bottle that stood out to me the most... It was red liquid, like blood with a gold lid, that had to be the one I tried first, it was called Red Musk, Mmmm it smelt divine! The second one I opened was called Sugared Flames, well what can I say but I'm in love!!! These two scents have not left my skin, I've even worn them to bed!

I can now add so many of these gorgeous scents to my perfume oil collection and favourites from House of Madame Josephine. The list goes on! They last all day and the scent stays on your clothes. They are powerful and a head turner, especially for a person like me who drowns herself in perfume oil. They are perfect for vamps who want to spellbound any who come near them V--V

Go visit House of Madame Josephine for your magical scent! Here

Thank you again Dana, you magical creature of the dark! :)