Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pastel Goth!

Today I was living the Pastel Goth life! 

Went and had some nail art done at I Scream Nails in Collingwood, I was so excited! As dark as I am I love colour, who say's a goth can't wear colour?!!! I do and love it, makes my hair look blacker too ;)

Dress~ Pink granny dress thrifted
Jacket~ Darkthrone patch on the back. Been with me for years
Stockings~ Black torn deathrock
Shoes~ GP boots
Badge~ You Suck candy heart
Belt~ Studded

Thank you again I Scream Nails! Everyone should have a little nail art in their life, if you haven't been check them is the link to their website. 


  1. Awesome nails! There are no cool nail places where I'm from, so you're lucky! :)
    Paint It Rogue