Monday, 1 June 2015


A relaxing Monday off with me! These days I much prefer the simple life, gone are the days of partying all night and drinking endless amounts of absinthe in goth and metal clubs! I still love absinthe but drink it more sensibly now that I'm in my 30s haha! I used to be such a rebel but now I'm at that age where the thing's I used to do bore the shit out of me! (been there done that) The thing's that make me happy now are taking road trips, adventuring around Melbourne Victoria while listening to my fave tunes mostly goth and metal! Reading, drinking tea, sewing, crocheting, crafting etc etc, the list could go on! You can read about all my interests here A granny life for me and happily living it, so here's a day off with me, a day to my self...

Granny dress~ Thrifted
Granny beads~ Thrifted
Shoes~ GP boots

after running my usual Monday errands, I come home and chill out for the rest of the day!

 paint my nails with this amazing purple by Kester Black.

sit down to a lovely cup of tea, it's a ritual to me you see, choosing a herbal tea is most exciting in my everyday life!

while drinking yummy tea I enjoy another favourite thing I love to do and that's read! I've set up quite a little library for my self :)

a little witchcrafting in the afternoon.... Magick is my life!!!

then late evening grocery shopping! Vampires shop best at night V--V