Monday, 20 July 2015

Days Off!

Days off are for pampering, drinking tea and reading Victorian Poetry! 

With a sleep in and a late start to the day, some pampering is in order! Bubblegum lip scrub and a gold glitter bath bomb from Lush! Although I don't use the bath bomb in my bath, I use it as a blush glitter for my check bones :) In fact I use all the glittery ones from Lush as a blush, works a treat! 

I spent my whole day inside, a very lazy day indeed! My afternoon was taken up reading parts of this gorgeous Victorian Poetry book I bought from my day trip to Clunes Booktown Festival earlier this year.

My usual tea ritual in my Marceline the Vampire queen mug.

Hues of bewitching incense burning through my magical Vampiric home.

I've always been an old soul and enjoy time in my Gothic home, filled with magical herbs and Witchery, and I'll always be a Vampire who loves all things granny!