Thursday, 23 July 2015


Lately I've been re watching Bewitched! My favourite character on the show is Endora, with all her granny chic glory, large eye makeup and 60s~70s outfits, oh and those massive pearl necklaces she wears is all just a perfect combination I aspire to and adore <3

I guess I can be the new age granny chic goth, 60s~70s vampire in my case haha! Agnes Moorehead you'll always be one of my number 1 ladies along side Lily Munster and the rest of the macabre beauties of their time xxxxxx


  1. Oh Endora is the best! I used to love her scathing of Darren (who was completely rubbish ha!) and her general fabulousness! This is making me want to watch Bewitched!

    1. I adore her so much! Hope you got to watch Bewitched! x