Sunday, 19 July 2015

Purple Keepers!

Stripy stockings on and ready for a day out!

Eye makeup~ Purple! A mix of a few different shades I had in my makeup wardrobe.
Dress~ Black old lady dress thrifted
Socks~ Witchy stripy stockings been with me for years
Brooch~ Cicada brooch bought at last years Finders Keepers market
Shoes~ Mary Jane school shoes
Scarf~ Been with my for years
Bow~ Made by me. You'll notice I got rid of the yellow streak in my hair, Lasted only 2 weeks! Just didn't feel right, back to full black and it feels so good! V--V

 First trip was a little bit of thrift shopping, bought a few cardigans, a plaid skirt and granny dresses :)

Second trip was Finders Keepers Design and Art Market! It was really great, came home with a beautiful cardigan I had my eye on. Some bookmarks and a few brooches.

Third trip was The Tea Salon! 

I had Turkish Apple Tea and these two amazing scones :) 

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!