Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Twin Peaks!

Last day of my weekend before I have to go back to work tomorrow and wear my salon uniform, so I enjoy dressing up and wearing all my lovely clothes on my days off! Today was Twin Peaks inspired and you all know how much I love this series :)

Outfit details~ 
Skirt~ 60s plaid skirt, one of my thrift finds from Sunday
Scarf~ Green scarf from Sundays thrift finds
T-shirt~ Audrey Horne~Bunny Miele
Brooches~ Twin Peaks Coffee and Log Lady~Hungry Designs
Scent~ The Witch's Garden Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Nail Polish~ O.P.I Green On The Runway. Reminds me of a beetle, insect love :) 

and of course some magical forest incense to fill the house with green energy today!