Sunday, 30 August 2015


Today was a lovely day spent Op shopping, eating wonderful food, drinking hot chocolate and treating ourselves with sweets!

Dress~ Victorian granny dress very mourning like, thrifted
Brooch~ Granny brooch thrifted
Necklaces~ Bat and Fangs been with me for years! Witches hat bought in Daylesford
Shoes~ Dr. Martens
Bow~ Department store
Stockings~ H&M

I love wearing blue eyeshadow :) 

Lunch was at Two Little Pigs in Brunswick. Great food!

Hot chocolate time!!! We have such beautiful buildings in Melbourne's CBD, so Gothic!

I was so impressed with my husband for spotting these beauties! So granny chic :) We did well with today's thrift spree, found some amazing stuff. Hope you all had a great Sunday! xox