Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Folk Fashion Inspiration!

I'm inspired by many things and Folkloric Fashion is one of them. I was born in the Balkans and moved to Australia when I was 9 months old, so I was just a little baby Bat ^V^ I remember going to dance events with my family where people from my heritage would dance in folk costumes and wear Opansi shoes. Those shoes as a kid used to freak me out lol, but I loved the traditional clothing worn especially by the babushkas. I've always loved grannies!

As a Goth I really love to push boundaries with  my style and see where it takes me, this makes me unique. I am not afraid of colour, patterns or anything really! I think if you have a sense of style your options are limitless.

The older I get, I feel I'm becoming more experimental with what catches my eye. When I was in my 20s all I wore was black! These days I'm happy to shake it up a notch. I still love wearing black of course but I add elements to it. I've pretty much put my own spin on Goth by doing this and it's been an incredible ride of self expression.

So ladies if you're alternative and want to wear colour but are unsure about it, go right ahead, you won't know what hit you! You're still wearing your makeup (be it Goth/Punk) and hairstyle that makes you. Experiment, explore and don't give a fuck what people say. You'll make it your own as I have :)

These pictures in particular strike a glamorous  note! I'm so in LOVE with these stunning outfits and look by Susanne Bisovsky, she's perfected this folk style with gorgeous floral patterned dresses, gloves and babushka kerchiefs. Such bewitching beauty, darkness and magic words cannot describe, I really love the red roses on black. How good would a Gothic beauty look in these clothes...

You can check out her designs on her website