Monday, 7 September 2015

Monday Movie!

Mondays are part of my weekend, I try to have a relaxing day and catch up on some rest! I work long hours and by Saturday evening I'm exhausted! Today I spent it cleaning the house while listening to Mozart. In the afternoon I had a cup of Pukka tea which has become a favourite and read a little before heading out with my husband to see the film IRIS! What a great documentary of her life, such an inspiration. Iris Apfel is an amazing lady with individuality and superb style. I admire people who make their mark on this planet by being different and not afraid to be themselves. I'm excited about life and all the possibilities one can do and achieve, remember your happiness is everything :)

Dress~ Thrifted, so granny including the colour
Necklace~ Bat been with me for years 
Glasses~ Owl eyes reading glasses