Sunday, 13 September 2015

Sunday Outings!

Today we spent the day out in the city. Met up with friends for some Koko Black, shopping and a wonder through the CBD before heading over to see the David Bowie exhibition at ACMI.

My usual sweets at Koko Black, the peppermint buttons are mine and the caramel sprinkle buttons are my hubby's.

 Then a stroll over to one of my favourite places to visit, Spellbox!
A little Witchy shopping, getting some supplies.

Along our travels, admiring all the beauty in the window of the store Shag! I love everything in this shop.

I also walked past these gorgeous pieces in another shop window on the way to the Bowie exhibition. I spotted them and had to walk over and take a photo. 

Witchery all day everyday! What I purchased from Spellbox.

Bought this beautiful granny dress from Quick Brown Fox. Can't wait to wear it.

Today's Outfit~
Dress~ 70s Prairie granny dress thrifted
Socks~ Floral folk looking, new
Necklaces~ Been with me for years
Bow~ Department Store
Shoes~ GP boots
Nose chain~ Necklace turned into a nose chain

I love this dress, so Witchy!

The David Bowie exhibition was great!!!