Monday, 19 October 2015

Gothic Horror Love!

Yesterday we went to see Crimson Peak! What a sensational haunting dream, full of wonderful Gothic aesthetic and old world Victorian charm. My dark heart melted with happiness. 

Spooky old lady as always ;)
Dress~ Thrifted
Boots~ The Gothic Shoe Company
Hair accessory~ Skull bobbles, been with me for years
Perfume~ I always forget to mention what perfume I'm wearing. Most of the time it's perfume oil. Poison or old lady scents. Yesterday I wore Patchouli oil which I love! 

How amazingly haunting does this movie look?!!! It's a Gothic Horror dream come true! I will definitely go see it again and again and again!

A pic of a tattoo I had done a while back, my love and dedication to Gothic Horror V--V