Monday, 5 October 2015

Halloween Supplies and Metal \m/

Yesterday we went Halloween shopping, it's the best time for our kind of people to find amazing things and do a yearly shop for our spooky home. This stuff is hard to find otherwise, well anything good and at this amount! We buy in bulk haha!! I was so excited :) :) :) October is really the best time of the year, excluding this heat we've suddenly had, I am definitely not a fan (what Goth is really?) I love the colder seasons but the only thing I like about spring are the gorgeous flowers, they make me real happy!
I adore the darker gloomy days V--V...

Enjoy October everyone and all the SpoOoky stuff it has to offer :)

Dress~ 60s black dress, thrifted
Necklaces~ Been with me for years
Shoes~ GP boots

This makes my Vampire heart so happy!

After our Halloween shopping, we did a little more in various places then we ventured off to see some metal shows!

Behemoth you were amazing!!!