Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all had a great one :) I took the day off to celebrate and enjoy the day. We went into the city and did a bit of  book shopping...

I love visiting The Haunted Bookshop, one of my favourite stores with amazing occult books and spooky stories. 

After a day out in town, we went home to get ready for our night! With talcum powder in my hair, a 70s Victorian prairie dress and blood dripping, I became a Dark Shadows Granpire V--V  I'm such a spooOooky old lady!

I felt amazing in this dress, what a treasure to cherish!

My hubby looked so beautEVIL just the way I like it! 

We met some awesome people, always making friends wherever we go haha! Thanx ladies you rock!!

Queen Granpire V--V 

My Poison for Absinthe! 

Had a cute ghost drinky too!

Granny chic chair ;)

Darkest blessings to you all xox