Monday, 12 October 2015

Witches In Blue Dresses and Winklepickers!

Yesterday was all about blue! I love this colour especially wearing Lapis blue around my eyes, but this dress is so amazingly beautiful, love everything about it and what a great collar! Works so well with my witches winklepickers. All I needed was my broomstick...

I love blurry ghostly pictures V--V

Dress~ Thrifted
Necklace~ Skull necklace from Kreepsville 666
Shoes~ Witches Winklepickers from The Gothic Shoe Company
Bracelet~ Lombard The Paper People~ Halloween section 

I absolutely adore this skull necklace, so perfect for all my granny dresses :)

Ready for a Sunday Vampire outing, but first brunch was in order!

After we ate we went into Savers to have a look at there Halloween stuff and bought a thing or two ;)

Later to then go to the State Library of Victoria. So beautiful to be among books in this glorious place!

An afternoon chocolate refreshment perhaps? Yes please!!! :)

There is a little tiny mushroom shape if you look into my mug at 12 o' clock :D

And of course, how could I not end the day without a little more Halloween shopping?!!! 


  1. bless u for posting a link for winkle pickers... its so difficult to get winkle pickers in the states.... thank you.

    that library... to die for.... gimme a library or museum adventure any day of the week....
    one day the library of congress... ONE DAY!!!! and ur invited...

    love from lost angeles Kalifornia....

    1. Everyone needs a pair of winklepickers!!! :D They look amazing on. Haha, why thank you!


  2. You look great in that blue! It's such a rich, royal shade! And what a magnificent library!

    1. Thank you luv, I enjoy wearing this colour :) It sure is, could stay for hours!

  3. You make such an adorable witch! I hope yo make the best from your Halloween this year. Have a meryy October.


    1. Aww thank you so much! Hope you too have a wonderful Halloween :)