Sunday, 8 November 2015

Art Relaxing and Tea!

Went to see An Illumination at The Ian Potter Museum of Art. Today was all about art, relaxing and tea! My husband and I enjoy being little hermits, living in our own world, drinking tea and going to galleries :)

Dress~ 70s Prairie thrifted, been with me a long time!
Necklace~ Vampire Fangs, been with my for years.
Shoes~ Mary Jane school shoes.
Perfume~ Bewitched by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.
Eye makeup~ I almost always wear Lapis coloured eyeshadow, I love it best!

A cup of Granpire tea V--V 


  1. love old books. love gothic manuscripts... its amazing that they are hand printed and hand painted... absolutely priceless
    p.s. loved loved your Halloween costume, your looked so darkly elegant!
    what was the weather like for you guys on Halloween, just curious, its usually cooler weather for us her in the states... the saddest part of Halloween in the US over the past 10 years is that it has evolved from do it yourself scary, spooky creative costumes to slutty, whorelike and sadly only store bought tasteless disasters... is it like that in Australia?

    1. This exhibition was really great actually. Love anything old :) Aww thank you, I felt amazing in my dress, like a Queen Granpire haha! It's spring here in Australia, so Halloween is usually on the warmer side which must sound weird to the rest of the world. I'm more of an autumn/winter kind of person, the heat is no good for me. Hope you had a great Halloween!