Monday, 25 January 2016

Sunday Rest!

Life has been so busy lately and a rest day was needed! Lots of changes and new adventures coming my way, I had to take a back seat from it all and go Op shopping, see a movie, buy some makeup and eat!

Dress~ 70s Prairie Thrifted
Necklaces~ Bat and Alchemy Gothic Wolf Spider been with me for years
Pin~ Jack Skellington from my trip to Japan 

In my thrifting world of Granny clothes!

Loved these pumpkins!!!

A little pile of what I bought and this gorgeous painting, what a magical frame.

Food time!!!

Then a little makeup shopping. I love wearing blue on my eyes with a red lipstick. It's definitely my colour staple.

Then off to watch a movie! We saw Star Wars

Hope you all had a great weekend xox