Saturday, 6 February 2016

Lives Like A Spooky Old Lady!

Settling in real nicely at Granpire Cottage and I really do love living like a spooky old lady who enjoys cups of tea, wearing granny dresses with my Gothic aesthetic surrounded by bats, making friends with spiders. All kinds of Witchery and tarot.

I couldn't tell you exactly where all this came from other than a memory of when I was a child, living in an inner city apartment with my family and remembering this beautiful eccentric old lady that lived on the floor beneath us, she used to gift me cabbage patch dolls and I thought she was wonderful, I wanted to be just like her. She listened to AM radio, classical tunes and wore amazing brooches and stunning coats. Maybe all this Granny chic love came from knowing her!


Two evils hehe! Another thing talking about interests etc is the way I do my eye makeup. They did start off as cat eyes once but they grew with my evolving style, it's the Deathrock in me and that will never change, it's important and is my morning ritual. A lot of people ask how I create them, all it is, is a little magic ;) and I enjoy seeing lovelies who have been inspired to try eye make up that is a little larger and use different colours. This makes me happy! I usually wear blue eyeshadows. 

Peppermint tea.

V--V Blood Witch Vampire tis my life!

These granny slippers are what I wear at home :)

This week I treated myself to two new tattoos! A spider and her web on my neck and Book Worm on my fingers, Ouch the fingers hurt but it's a little tribute to the love of reading which I cannot wait to do more of now that we live in the country.

Mirror image photo apps must be my thing at the moment lol! Gosh I love that brown cardigan!!