Friday, 4 March 2016


This weeks adventures!

Went to the Regent Cinema in Ballarat for the first time to see a movie and was blown away by it's beauty! Wow I felt like a dark queen V--V

V-line train rides, been reading this book most of the week in between homework. Accompanied by my beautiful tapestry granny bag, very Dolly Kei.

I come across the most glorious of things! This gorgeous Organ looking at me, I've been dreaming of owning one, and one day I will. I just love dark haunting classical music, makes my heat swell! I'm an extremely passionate person maybe because I'm a triple fire, an Aries in my zodiac and these things are what I keep dear to me, cups of tea, reading tarot, granny obsession, books, classical music, dark and haunting ghostly treasures, Gothic beauty, antiques, Nostalgia. Coffins, Bats! The list goes on but it's all important to me, it's how I see the world and live it.

So precious! 

Admiring my country garden after a day out in the city.

Then a evening watching Dracula! You look so beautiful Lucy, the glass coffin is to die for V--V 


  1. That theater is spectacula. Just wanted you to know,your an inspiration to me. I no longer care what others think of me and the things I like. Thank you. By the way Dark Shadows is my most favourite movie of all time. Dark blessings lady vamp.

    1. It sure is! Thank you, that's so great!!! Dark Shadow blessings :)

  2. coffered ceiling to die for. nice organ, so old lady of you... i used to work for a big catholic church in l.a. and we had a big ass very modern organ, in fact there was an organ convention held at the church.. can you believe it an ORGAN CONVENTION. the people that attended were weird and awesome.... like you!

    1. Lucky you!!! That sounds quite interesting :)