Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Weekend!

The lead up to the Easter weekend is so exciting, 4 days off in a row, lots of chocolate eggs and time spent with loved ones <3

I've had this Spider brooch for such a long time that I even forgot I had it, but then It found me again while unpacking something else, I love when that happens!

Started the long weekend with these lovely ladies! Not the original Arsenic and Old Lace but this one is from the 60s :)

My hubby found this little old lady apple in our backyard and thought I would love her, he was right!!

Big brown bow!

I love this granny bag a lovely lady gifted me. I feel like Mary Poppins with her famous carpet bag but mines crochet which I adore!

Easter tradition, Koko Black hot chocolate and a speckled egg!

And a few more chocolates ;) 

After our glorious sweets we went to see The VVITCH, unfortunately I was expecting more and was a little bored sadly :( The aesthetic was great though.

Easter dress to see family and eat, eat eat!!! I used an app to create this image, I love it!

Today was spent at Granpire cottage burning incense, dark haunting music playing and cups of tea to be had! Home is where my vampire heart is V--V Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!!! xox

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  1. I did have a good weekend thank you. My hubby had to work,we have our own business,but we are going to the coast this weekend for our long weekend. The joys of having your own business lol.