Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I've been quite a busy lady vamp lately! Here's a little post of what I've been up to, in no particular order...

New Harry Potter reading glasses, now I can attend Hogwarts! I have a few different types which is good, gives me options. I love my Iris Apfel ones I have too!

My favourite books to read are horror novels of the old classic Gothic horror sort, the older the better! I love reading mysteries too! Been stuck into this one and am nearly finished. I'm almost reading a book a week on the train.

The way to make a granny chic Goths heart skip a beat! I came across these glorious spider brooches in Melbourne. It's my birthday soon, will have to treat myself!

I love this movie! Morigana from 1972 We watched it on a dark and gloomy night we had here in the country recently. I love the whole 70s Victorian aesthetic in this horror film.

Our school was part of The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and as students we all had to go in a day before it opened to the public and help put together this masterpiece that was one of the Gold medal winners! 

We had fun contributing our time and energy, everyone had a go and a time slot to experience what it was all like to be part of this show. It was great to return on the weekend and see how it all turned out :)

What I wore~

Cardigan~ Found this granny cardigan at a $2 shop believe it or not, but it wasn't $2! 

Dress~ Black 70s Victorian dress thrifted

Brooches~ Coffin, you've seen before and is one of my favourites because coffins are my favourite shape V--V and the granny one is from the Ballarat Antique show I went to recently.

Of course I found spiders! These babies came home with me for $10, what a bargain!

More beautiful flowers from Mifgs

After hubby and I left the show we decided to go have some cider and wedges! We went to The Sherlock Holmes on Collins St Melbourne.

Bought these beautiful dark roses last week that I'm drying and the Crimson Peak DVD that I've been waiting for, so happy to finally have it.

I put this spiral flower arrangement together in class this week :)  

A lovely photo of me and one of my teachers captured by one of my classmates and friend.