Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Town Full Of Treasure!

Today we had a great day out Op shopping and Antiquing! I came across the most nicest people and had a few good chats. This town has the best thrift stores that's for sure! A Lovely community and lots of nostalgia.

V--V Perfect!

Todays outfit~
Dress~ 60s 
Necklaces~ Lily Munster Bat and Alchemy Gothic Coffin 

I found some real treasures today!

The frame and granny blanket came home with me :)


Break time, had a chai latte and this cake was amazing!!!

Lovin' these granny chic chairs :)

Antiques for miles!

Had a really good day, bought a whole heap of beautiful old world granny and 60s stuff which makes me so happy! This wicked woman needs to go to bed now, Good Night my friends xox