Saturday, 30 April 2016

Book Festival!

Today we went to Clunes Booktown Festival! 

If you haven't been, you should go! That is, if you enjoy reading of course :) 

Agatha Christie <3

 It's a lovely day out in the country, nice food and the smell of old books makes it even more special.

Pretty little town.

What I wore~
Cardigan~ Vintage 
Dress~ Thrifted
Bat Brooch~ Old pendant I turned into a brooch

 We had a great day and I came home with some real treasures!


  1. Im a real bookworm. I love reading. Is this festival on every year?

  2. Beautiful bibliophile :) xo

  3. PS,I hope you were not affected by the mini tornado that hit down there.

    1. We were fine thank you! It was a massive storm, woke us up.

  4. books and vinyl records are my kryptonite.....

    what is it with that smell of old books that makes you wanna melt into a chair..... i love that feeling....
    i cant go to a book show... it would drive me mad....

    my mom used to tell me stories of when I was in kindergarden and I would save my money until the book fair would come to my school and I would blow it all there.... damn books.

    John Waters says not to fuck someone when you go into their home and they have no books.... i know what he's talking about....

    1. Hahaha, love it, you're so funny! I've always dreamt of owning a huge Gothic mansion with the most beautiful creepy library room. I don't think I'd ever leave!