Thursday, 7 April 2016

Dark And Gloomy Days!

Yesterday was such a perfect dark and gloomy day here in the country! I took a break from flower school homework I had to do, and took myself out for a little stroll. Put on my Witchy boots and off I went...

My outfits are not complete without my Coffin brooch. I bought this dress long ago while out thrifting, she's a real beauty! Love my granny floral.

I stumbled across a real gem, this shop was calling out to me! 

So lovely and beautiful, I fell in love instantly! The smell of old vintage shops and the music that gets played in the background makes me feel a lot like I'm Mrs. Meers from Thoroughly Modern Millie out shopping haha!! I bought a gorgeous 60s-70s Victorian Prairie dress and am looking forward to regularly visiting this shop :)

Naturally I went home and put the movie on while I continued to do my homework, this spooky old lady is such an inspiration to me, she makes my granpire heart skip a beat!

 And that poison ring is to die for V--V

Cheers Mrs. Meers <3