Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Long Weekend part 2!

A continuation from the weekend... 

These 2 photos belong to the previous post part 1. I love wearing  my clogs, they are so cute!! That granny cardigan is also a winner, including that Bitchcraft tee!

A day spent in Daylesford! This place just seems to get more magical each time I visit, seeing that we only live 30 minutes away now, makes it so easy to get to. It was a little too sunny for me but still beautiful as it always is. I love coming here in the Winter when it's dark and gloomy, perfect for a Vampire V--V  

The leaves were so pretty at Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens.

The best colours! 

Sat down for some lunch and a fruit and veggie juice that looked just like BLOOD! Yum ;)

Secret Garden!


Dream location.


Came home and had a glass of Dark Side of the Moon wine that was gifted to me. What lovely way to end a magical day.