Tuesday, 5 April 2016

You're Such A Granpire!

How could you go wrong in Antique Floral dresses?!! 

 I love this one, looks great with clogs! I should really buy more of these shoes in different colours. Granny brooch~ Thrifted. Necklace~ lily Muster Bat. Granny Dress~ Thrifted. Clogs~ Lotta Clogs.

Yesterday while running errands I was naughty and snuck into a local Op shop and bought this 60s fabric and some old classic books, all up $8 how good is that?!!

A cup of earl grey tea this morning with my Granpire ladies V--V

Found a spot for my silk floral wall hanging I thrifted the other day. So pretty! 

Granpire Cottage!

Music lately has been from the 60s and 1920s! I really love this band, it's called Coven. Jinx Dawson you're a smokin' lady!! <3 

One of my thrift finds from the weekend was this 60s patchwork fabric, which I'll sew together soon and probably either use it as a table cloth or on one of my couches.

One of my all time favourite 60s dresses <3 
Necklaces~ Bat been with me for years. Coffin~ Alchemy Gothic.

My spoOoky Dark Shadows wardrobe! 

I've been a bit of a kitchen witch latley! More savory but have to get back into making sweets :) 

My husband approves of my Granny Chic madness!! He's into drinking cups of tea also:)