Tuesday, 5 April 2016

You're Such A Granpire!

How could you go wrong in Antique Floral dresses?!! 

 I love this one, looks great with clogs! I should really buy more of these shoes in different colours. Granny brooch~ Thrifted. Necklace~ lily Muster Bat. Granny Dress~ Thrifted. Clogs~ Lotta Clogs.

Yesterday while running errands I was naughty and snuck into a local Op shop and bought this 60s fabric and some old classic books, all up $8 how good is that?!!

A cup of earl grey tea this morning with my Granpire ladies V--V

Found a spot for my silk floral wall hanging I thrifted the other day. So pretty! 

Granpire Cottage!

Music lately has been from the 60s and 1920s! I really love this band, it's called Coven. Jinx Dawson you're a smokin' lady!! <3 

One of my thrift finds from the weekend was this 60s patchwork fabric, which I'll sew together soon and probably either use it as a table cloth or on one of my couches.

One of my all time favourite 60s dresses <3 
Necklaces~ Bat been with me for years. Coffin~ Alchemy Gothic.

My spoOoky Dark Shadows wardrobe! 

I've been a bit of a kitchen witch latley! More savory but have to get back into making sweets :) 

My husband approves of my Granny Chic madness!! He's into drinking cups of tea also:) 


  1. Its so nice to have a husband who doesnt mind you indulging in your passions. My husband dont mind if I indulge in my vampire passion. Its nice to cuddle up and watch Barnabas and Josette deal with the gothic magic that tries to keep them apart.

  2. That's my favourite show to watch! I'm obsessed with the 60s version :) v--v

  3. My favourite version is 1991 revival. Ben Cross played Barnabas,Joanna Going was Josette/Victoria and Lysette Anthony was Angelique. I have 3 disc set and watch it every day while I do the folding. Best way to do housework lol.

  4. Everything is just so creepy cute!

    1. Thank you, that's the way I like it :)