Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I've been quite a busy Granpire lately, with not much time for my usual outings. My time has been taken up with homework for Floristry school, tarot readings which I love! Fringe cuts and brooch making. I've been working on some cute ladies for my brooch designs that will be up for sale soon! Here are some pictures from a much needed walk and a break from my usual routine to get some fresh air and not think of anything else but being with nature...

The lake near our place in the country looked so creepy and swampy, I couldn't wait to take some photos. 

Dancing, with elves! 

It was a dark and beautiful day.

So perfect!


We also went out for doughnuts while visiting family in Melbourne on the weekend.

Wow, can I just say that was the best doughnut I've ever had!! 

and my reading material lately! V--V