Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Country Life of a Granpire!

Cold country air, grey gloomy skies, Winter has approached! The sound of the wind as I write this post sipping on lemon myrtle tea and classical tunes playing in the background, so lovely!

This picture I took in my family's bathroom the other day makes the ghost in me want to float around and spook! 

I'm feeling rather spooky today, as I surround myself with darkness, incense and dusty old books.

The beauty of classical music. As much as I love metal and goth music, I love classical just the same.

I live in a pool of grannyness, witchery and poison!

Tonight I shall watch Miss Marple, the weather is so perfect to snuggle up in a crochet blanket. I might even bake an apple pie.

 Happy haunting's my sweets! ^V^