Saturday, 18 June 2016

Kryal Castle!

Today we had our lovely friend visit and we joked about me being a tour guide, now that would be funny! We arrive at Kryal Castle, a dark, gloomy and absolutely freezing day out here, frozen fingers and toes but I still love Winter! I think I moved to the right place for this weather.

We enjoy visiting when we can and it's so nice to have a Castle in our town.

My friend Maria and I are bloody hilarious! Glad my Mortician handbag made it into the pic.

This area reminds me of Twin Peaks! I think i'ts time and cold enough outside to watch the series again. 

Love antique gold!!!

I call this hairstyle the Gothknot, everyone needs a bun on their head lol!

I have my eye on that Organ! 

How beautiful is the colour yellow?! I love it <3

I felt so cute today in my Prairie dress.

 This beauty made my heart melt! <3 

Aww little babies <3

The Wizards workroom is my very favourite part to visit, can you guess why??

Can I move in now? 

Pretty potion bottles.

Thank you once again Kryal Castle, we had a wonderful day! My husband also has some pretty amazing pics from today on he's blog thanx for looking xx