Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Long Weekends!

It was so nice to have the long weekend off and spend it with my man...

All dressed in blue to see Dita Von Teese perform her Strip, Strip, Hooray show! This 70's Prairie dress I bought in Japan when I visited a couple of years ago. I love blue, especially eye makeup.   

Dita was amazing, so beautiful and elegant. It was a shame we weren't allowed to take any pictures but at the same time it was good because we got to actually enjoy the show properly.  

Then on the Saturday we returned to Melbourne, for an outing, shopping and dinner. 

Had to stop by Koko Black of course! Hot chocolate and sweets V--V 

Wore my 60s dress and yellow bow. This dress is so pretty, warm and comfortable.


The rest of the weekend was spent at home in the country. The days consisted of staying warm and cosy, watching movies, reading, drinking many cups of tea and going on Vampire walks.

Had to watch The Wizard of Oz, hadn't seen it in a while.

I love living in such an old town with beautiful gloomy creepy places to visit and being surrounded by lovey people and old haunting buildings.  

I eat shades of red! I love that Marceline the Vampire Queen mug!

And today we went on another walk then home for a lovely dinner and a cup of Lady Grey tea, Kooka's country cookies in raspberry and watching Interview with the Vampire V--V  I know, I know so cliché for a goth couple haha!!

Stay Spooky xxx 

P.s My husband Blake Blood also now has a blog I think he's cute and look forward to seeing what he does with it.


  1. Interview with the Vampire was the first vampire movie I bought. I think its great. My long weekend was good. We went searching for gems and found a few small rubys. Checked out Blakes blog and Im impressed. I will be a regular visitor. Dark blessings and stay spooky,it suits

    1. It was on Netflix surprisingly! Great movie, have always love it. Ruby's are a lovely gem, sounds like you also had a good long weekend. Thanx for checking out my husbands blog, not sure what he'll do with it yet, but has been talking about having one for a while, I'm excited for him. Spooky is the only way for me my dear xxx

  2. love dita too! she is really cool and approachable...I knew her before her marriage to that nasty pop singer Marilyn... when she was a stripper in O.C. and buying dj Ron D. Core's mixed tapes for her shows..(harcore/terrorcore techno) in fact she stripped at Ron's bachelor party... i was there. honestly she is worth supporting, she is mega cool.... looking forward to seeing what Blake does with his blog, he has done an amazing job of decorating yours....

    1. Lucky you! She's so amazing and beautiful. I still am a fan Of Manson, always will be. Their marriage is their business. I've seen her only twice now, a lingerie show she did here in Australia and Strip, Strip, Hooray. It was very exciting for us aussie's here to finally see her perform, so magical! Thank you for checking out my husbands blog. He's a very talented designer.

  3. Awww, you're always so beautiful! <3