Monday, 27 June 2016


I love the colour PINK!!! I had a pink salon not too long ago and I tell ya I miss those walls, the colour was amazing! Instead my kitchen now has pink everything, I try to keep the area as granny as I possibly can blending it all in with my goth decor. 

I was too cute for my own good when I had pink hair! 


  1. The pink and black together is just a fabulous colour combination. I love how you had one pink brow as well. Magical. The pink kitchen may help to ease missing the pink salon. Maybe paint some walls in the house pink and get a pink fix haha.

    1. As Anne of Green Gables says, Pink is the most bewitching colour of them all! I LOVED this combination but it was super high maintenance and my style changed over the years. Miss the pink and I my at some point add a little splash, who know maybe haha! I still dream about my old salon pink walls lol!