Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day Trip!

This afternoon we went to Daylesford, on the way there we drove through Woodend and then Trentham, not the usual route but it was a beautiful drive and we got to see a bit of snow fall as we went through Trentham, so magical! 

Today's eye makeup pattern was a little different and not my usual blue, been wearing the black lately. 

I really love how it turned out and will be creating this design again. My dress I've had for a while, needed some new buttons so I sewed on some bow buttons, which are a little hard to see in the photo but are really cute!!! Oh and excuse that regrowth happening in the streak area, not at all attractive and needs some re-bleaching soon. 

As always Daylesford was magical and so very cold today. My fingers were frozen even in gloves, but I'm an Autumn/Winter gal and when you live in the country it's super, super cold.

This dress was too amazing, didn't take any real outfit shots but it's a plaid 70s Prairie dress, so pretty!

Prairie lady.

So beautiful!! 

We also did a little thrift shopping...

I bought a few lovely things, such as an antique tea tray, some floral plates, an iron picture frame and this lovely brooch and vase which is the baby to a bigger one I have in the kitchen.

Then we sat down to some Australian Apple slice. Custard on one side, cream on the other and apple at the very bottom, yum!

Just loving this eye makeup! Thank you all for the lovely comments about it today on Instagram :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend xox