Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday Night With Miss Marple!

Tonight was another Miss Marple night but this time I watched my very favourite Marple, which is Margaret Rutherford. I also love the Joan Hickson versions I was watching the other night, but Margaret wins my heart again and again. I've been watching her since a child. I really haven't changed much at all haha! I love old lady mysteries and always will :) If you haven't seen any of these movies or series you should check them out, grab yourself a cup of tea and a granny blanket and your evening is set! I think I may have started a granny club <3 

p.s  have a look at the Agatha Christie novels.  


  1. It looks like a spooky sort of movie. I love horror movies most but mysteries get my movie bug going too.

    1. This is a different type of spooky, I love all these old lady mysteries.