Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Spooky Living!

For a very hot blooded lady, I've become quite peaceful as I get older, I'm enjoying the Hermit journey and much more of a tranquil life! Gone are the days for me, being that crazy woman I once was and getting wasted!!! I had a very fond love for Absinthe, still do but I drink it sensibly now. I feel I have grown a lot since those days and have a different outlook on life. I love the person I've become, but be careful not to piss me off as my demoness lies beneath and I use her in my magick workings rather than how I used to portray her. Age is a wonderful thing and the closer I approach 40 the better it gets! I know a lot of people fear age and getting older but I don't! Once you find peace within yourself that's when you are really living and enjoying life. Some might say I'm boring but hey, I love the Granpire life, cups of tea and classical music. I'm also a MASSIVE metal head but it's nice to listen to dark funerary tunes. I'm morbid but I'm a very happy person ^V^ 

Lily Muster is my No.1 inspiration! She is tattooed on my left hand and I have Munsters across my knuckles. She's a beautiful Old Vampire lady and she helps me become more of that Granpire V--V

Cups of tea and listening to The Guild of Funerary Violinists, such beautifully haunting music. I must buy this book, It's been on my wishlist for a while.  

Stillness, blood witchery and macabre living.

My love for nostalgia and anything old runs deep! 

I love this Cradle of Filth picture I have, It's been with my a long time, I still love this band and I really don't give a fuck what anyone thinks!


Born a Vampire with an extremely loving heart! V--V

Witchery in my blood!

Spider Silk in my veins!

Spooky little lady ^V^

and lover of Old Lady mysteries.