Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Spooky Living!

For a very hot blooded lady, I've become quite peaceful as I get older, I'm enjoying the Hermit journey and much more of a tranquil life! Gone are the days for me, being that crazy woman I once was and getting wasted!!! I had a very fond love for Absinthe, still do but I drink it sensibly now. I feel I have grown a lot since those days and have a different outlook on life. I love the person I've become, but be careful not to piss me off as my demoness lies beneath and I use her in my magick workings rather than how I used to portray her. Age is a wonderful thing and the closer I approach 40 the better it gets! I know a lot of people fear age and getting older but I don't! Once you find peace within yourself that's when you are really living and enjoying life. Some might say I'm boring but hey, I love the Granpire life, cups of tea and classical music. I'm also a MASSIVE metal head but it's nice to listen to dark funerary tunes. I'm morbid but I'm a very happy person ^V^ 

Lily Muster is my No.1 inspiration! She is tattooed on my left hand and I have Munsters across my knuckles. She's a beautiful Old Vampire lady and she helps me become more of that Granpire V--V

Cups of tea and listening to The Guild of Funerary Violinists, such beautifully haunting music. I must buy this book, It's been on my wishlist for a while.  

Stillness, blood witchery and macabre living.

My love for nostalgia and anything old runs deep! 

I love this Cradle of Filth picture I have, It's been with my a long time, I still love this band and I really don't give a fuck what anyone thinks!


Born a Vampire with an extremely loving heart! V--V

Witchery in my blood!

Spider Silk in my veins!

Spooky little lady ^V^

and lover of Old Lady mysteries.


  1. Im only two yrs away from 40 and Im not dreading it either. I love vampires and witches. Always have always will. I listen to Metallica and Nox Arcana but I also like classical music. I started ballet dancing at 3yrs old so the classical love grew from there. I dont care what people think or say about my gothic,witchy style and life. Im very happy with it and it suits me. GO GOTH WITCHES!!!

    1. Life is wonderful when you can be yourself! :)