Wednesday, 10 August 2016


As much as I love the colour pink, I much prefer it as an aesthetic in my home or a clothing item I'd wear or a lovely bow in my hair. I got rid of my streak with a black magic wand on the weekend and feel much more like my self with no streak and Noir locks. I'm happy that I can wear all my lovely vintage and granny outfits and it won't clash! 

August, the last month of winter for us in Australia. I will miss it as I'm not a sun person but i'll survive! 

Lately these 2 beautiful black cats have been visiting my families home and each time I visit, they come out and say hi. I've always attracted a lot of black cats. There was one in particular when I lived in Carlton North in Melbourne that would greet us on our night walks, we called her midnight because that's how late we'd go for walks and I finished work very late in the evenings and the fact she was pitch black!

Violet shadow in which you can't see, a Sadie (Living Dead Dolls) or Wednesday dress, a bat and grave stone brooch.

My passion, magick, tea and witchery! Born with the gift of clairvoyance. 

I love wearing this cute little dress, which is so old now, think I need a new one soon!

My morning train reads on my way to flower school.

Lady In Black V--V 

Melbourne winter evenings 


  1. I love black cats. I was very lucky to find three black kittens dumped on my back porch one morning. Two ran away but one decided she wasn't going anywhere and moved herself in.

  2. very wednesday addams dress, nothing wrong with falling back on classics. i gotta ask, I know it is quite sunny down in AU, do u wear sunblock? what brand? how do u keep so pale? What is your secret???

    1. Thank you! It's winter here at the moment and we live in a very cold town in the country which I love! We get a bit of sun in the colder months but when summer hits its hell!!! There are other parts of Australia that get really hot but lucky we don't live in those places, I couldn't handle it. Victoria is great!

    2. p.s My makeup has sunblock in it and I wear sunscreen on my neck and hands in summer, I'm always covered up with a cardigan etc. I don't like the sun and always protect my self, I don't wear a particular brand.