Wednesday, 10 August 2016


As much as I love the colour pink, I much prefer it as an aesthetic in my home or a clothing item I'd wear or a lovely bow in my hair. I got rid of my streak with a black magic wand on the weekend and feel much more like my self with no streak and Noir locks. I'm happy that I can wear all my lovely vintage and granny outfits and it won't clash! 

August, the last month of winter for us in Australia. I will miss it as I'm not a sun person but i'll survive! 

Lately these 2 beautiful black cats have been visiting my families home and each time I visit, they come out and say hi. I've always attracted a lot of black cats. There was one in particular when I lived in Carlton North in Melbourne that would greet us on our night walks, we called her midnight because that's how late we'd go for walks and I finished work very late in the evenings and the fact she was pitch black!

Violet shadow in which you can't see, a Sadie (Living Dead Dolls) or Wednesday dress, a bat and grave stone brooch.

My passion, magick, tea and witchery! Born with the gift of clairvoyance. 

I love wearing this cute little dress, which is so old now, think I need a new one soon!

My morning train reads on my way to flower school.

Lady In Black V--V 

Melbourne winter evenings