Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wedding Anniversary!

On Friday the 13th of August 6 years ago I married my wonderful man! Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary by going on an adventure to St Erth in Blackwood.

My outfit~
Dress~ Swampy green 70s prairie, thrifted.
Necklaces~ 2 Bats my Favorite creature ^V^ Alchemy Gothic.
Shoes~ Winklepicker boots from The Gothic Shoe Company.

We arrive at St.Erth, a lovely garden cottage and sat down to some yummy scones.

I felt like Snow White ;)

Such a beautiful garden. 

Being a swamp witch!

Secret garden. 

Hubby taking pics <3

So lush and beautiful! 

Vampire lovers V--V

St. Erth Cottage.

A room full of seeds.

After our visit to St.Erth we stumbled across a little cemetery, we had to take a look! 

It was on a hill.

We spent a bit time looking around the beautiful graves, then decided to move on and drive to Daylesford for dinner. Blackwood was absolutely gorgeous, dark and witchy! I even saw a Kangaroo in someones front yard haha! 

We also stopped into the Daylesford cemetery.

So peaceful.

After a lovely dinner and stroll around Daylesford we drove home and went to see Suicide Squad at The Regent Ballarat. We had a wonderful day out and I'm so grateful we live in the country and discover so many beautiful places to visit and enjoy.